IT Italy
Stand No: MC3
Portofino is the most famous harbour in the world, set in the middle of a natural promontory formed by the inlet of Portofino Bay reaching the small square of the village. Marina di Portofino offers mooring places for yachts as well as piers for ship tenders receptions. From the tender boat station...
FR France
Stand No: MC19
Recently ranked the Mediterranean’s number 4 cruise port, Marseille is the gateway to Provence and offers 150 excursion options. The French leader cruise port benefits from good international air and rail connections and excellent port facilities with investments on ship repair, LNG, cruise...
MQ Martinique
Stand No: 522
The Martinique Tourism Authority intervenes in various fields such as: - Strategy, engineering - Studies and forecast - Marketing, Promotion, Development and Attractiveness of Martinique destination - Technical assistance and financial aid to tourist operators - Structuring Martinique's tourist...
ES Spain
Stand No: MC9
MedCruise is the Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports. MedCruise's mission is to promote the cruise industry in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Red Sea, Adriatic Sea and near Atlantic. The Association assists its members in benefiting from the growth of the cruise industry by providing...
IT Italy
Stand No: MC3
Medov’s history began over 70 years ago. In 1947 the shipping agency started its activities in Genoa with basic interest in the cruise business. Over time the great commitment allowed Medov to gain ever growing experience and expertise. The story is a business committed to innovation and every day’...
US United States
Stand No: 108
Mercy Ships is a global charity that utilises hospital ships, staffed by an all-volunteer crew, to deliver free, world-class healthcare services and capacity building to countries in the lower third of the United Nations Human Development Index. Mercy Ships work with each host nation to strengthen...
MA Morocco
Stand No: 215
The Moroccan National Tourist Office was founded on 1918. The mission of the office is to promote and market Morocco as a destination within Morocco and abroad. The office is present in the four continents through its branches in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.
PT Portugal
Stand No: 300
Mystic Cruises is an expeditionary cruise company offering programs in destinations such as Antarctica, Fjords, Iceland or Greenland. Focused on offering unique experiences in an eco-friendly way, Mystic Cruises allows travellers to explore the unspoiled landscapes of the continent with all the...